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Illegally obtaining a gun

— Posted by trowe on 9:01 pm on Mar. 24, 2002

is there a place in canada that sells guns to people without an fac? or anywhere in the states thats ships to canada?

— Posted by preditor on 12:27 am on Mar. 25, 2002

I think you can buy individual parts from a couple different dealers and put them together yourself and no one will be any wiser for it

— Posted by balor on 2:41 pm on Mar. 25, 2002

If thats true what about the receiver then?Is that licenced like in the US

— Posted by preditor on 2:47 pm on Mar. 25, 2002

do you mean does the recipient need an FID card? I thinkalmost any part you need you can just buy with no questions asked (for rifels at least) like I could go online and buy a trigger system without any problem

— Posted by trowe on 5:01 pm on Mar. 25, 2002

no, FAC stands for Fire Arms Certificate. Canadians have to have that to purchase any kind of firearms. and i would still need to find a online store that sells and ships to canada.

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