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locking topics

— Posted by future jarhead on 9:15 pm on April 9, 2002

please sttop locking the topics,iam not trying to be a little fag but its getting old fast

— Posted by balor on 3:12 pm on April 10, 2002

I apprecriate the comment but when I started on this website there was six or seven threads with the same topic where one or two would do. Then the threads which have the same topics run parallel to each other. Each asking the same questions and where one answers a question it doesnt make it to the other threads. In short a lot of your time is wasted looking through multiple threads on the same topic and a lot of my time is wasted trying to prune out the rubbish and get everybody working together.
I just know how much time I wasted looking at multiple threads with the same topic, Like it or love it Im just doing my job trying to save you and me time!!!

— Posted by future jarhead on 9:41 pm on April 10, 2002

ok i get it ,just wanted my pen gun one unblock because i could stick the plans there cause the messnger is not working for me

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