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Making crossbows

— Posted by joshuad2 on 6:32 pm on Mar. 13, 2002

Does anyone have anyinfo on making crossbows.I mean details adn diagrams.any help would be great.

— Posted by Just0nePepsi on 6:35 pm on Mar. 13, 2002

Makeshift arsenal has something like a crossbow in it. I forgot where you can get it, someone will post the link im sure.

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— Posted by johnny 99 on 1:23 am on Mar. 15, 2002

the only really tricky part of a crossbow is te prod,(bow) if you want something that will do some damage, thenthe best simplest thing is an auto leaf spring from the junk yard. get a grinder, file, whatever and start removing everything that isnt a bow. fair warning though this steel is tough, and this is a lot of work. when yu get your prod finished you can use a steel cable with loops swaged in the ends for the string fo max power string it the opposite of the bend the leaf spring already has. mine draws 185# at 12 inches. the rest is really very easy. go to any SCA website and you should be able to find plans for the stock and trigger assembly. if not i will be happy to explain those to!

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