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pipe bomb launcher

— Posted by aSs BacKWuRds on 4:39 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

I am gonna make a pipe bomb launcher here is my plan:
Potato gun for cannon
One PVC pipe with bbs and other small metal 4 shrapnel
Smaller metal pipe filled with black powder in middle
but i can’t figure out a good way to detonate on impact
also weight is a factor
help would be appriceated

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— Posted by Mastermind on 12:17 am on Mar. 29, 2002

To impact, the end caps could both have blasting caps attached to an impact explosive, or the impact explosive attached somehow to a fuse.  And what would you use to launch the bomb?  what kinda fuel.  How about model rocket enignes, you could rig the smoke powder, so that they lgiht the pipe bomb.

— Posted by aSs BacKWuRds on 3:05 pm on April 2, 2002

LIke i said i’m gonna use a potato cannon 4 the launcher.
BP for explosive I am not using rocket fuel.
I want to do somthing like put a match head bomb inside to ignite it but i’m having trouble trying to figure out how to situate the ignition bomb INSIDE the PVC shell

— Posted by Sicopath on 9:42 pm on April 2, 2002

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