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Poor Man’s James Bond?

— Posted by morobay on 12:51 am on Nov. 21, 2001

I need to know where I could find the Poor Man’s James Bond. Doesnt matter what version. Thanks for the help yall!

— Posted by madhatter on 3:16 pm on Nov. 21, 2001

try http://www.sofmilitary.co.uk they sell all anarchy explosive and lock picking books around

— Posted by SOul M8kr on 8:49 pm on Nov. 21, 2001

The Hunted says he has them scnned when I IMed him!


I saw a preview and you can read them very well and hell they are even better printed. Also he has some others that are scanned so IM him. and maybe he can work something out with ya.

— Posted by The Hunted on 11:26 am on Nov. 22, 2001

You don’t have to talk for me or talk through me cause if they want them then they can come to me ok dipshit? I’m not mad I just don’t like ppl talking for me.

— Posted by kcirrag on 3:30 pm on Nov. 26, 2001

after the archives are up you wont need the poor mans james bond.  trust me.

— Posted by Xpl0siv on 4:48 am on Dec. 4, 2001

Now there is someone with an attitude i like!!

cheer bro

— Posted by jmb1125 on 7:26 pm on Jan. 23, 2002

I dunno about “Poor Man’s James Bond” online but
I did see it in “Soldier Of Fortune” magazine.
XplOsiv, about the archives:
What about copyright’d material?
Is it ok or duz it even matter?
Please explain.

I like the skulls.

— Posted by Pro on 9:10 pm on Mar. 11, 2002

Go to crbbooks.com they have any thing you ever want to know about in the line of underground works

— Posted by hippie john on 5:34 pm on Mar. 17, 2002

crbbooks is a great site but you could just go to good ol’ amazon.com. 🙂

— Posted by paladinpress on 12:33 pm on April 5, 2002

I have both PMJB 1&4 they are both about 80mb each.
also 1. what is the rules on copyrighted works being put on the archive, 2. what formats are supported on the archive {Ie. .txt,.pdf,.doc,.jpeg,.pcx,.rar}
3. where do whe send a file we wish to have placed on the archive {I just got here yesterday}     Thanks J.

— Posted by newb on 5:08 pm on April 5, 2002

Hey Paladin! Please send me that Poorman’s James Bond To Cassanovathe3rd@hotmail.com

i’ll holla!

— Posted by IcedMetal on 4:31 am on April 6, 2002

This place r0x!!!!!!!!!   It is my new home~~~~~

— Posted by paladinpress on 12:14 pm on April 7, 2002

thre PMJB is 80Mb apiece anf you mails boxes will ony handle 6  6/80 equals you have 0.075* the amount of spavce you need for one verions

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