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— Posted by everybodieshero on 12:40 am on Nov. 2, 2001

I built a weapon i would like to call the power stick.  it is encased in a section of pvc pipping and has an in credible shockwave generator at the end of it.  The shock waves produced can throw a 5’10” 160lb. son of a bitch about 6 ft.  It took me almost a year to build this.  To opperate it. just point or touch someone with it and push the button.

— Posted by morgonas on 1:00 am on Nov. 2, 2001

tell me how to make this power stick.. i could use something like that

— Posted by Lowman on 1:54 am on Nov. 2, 2001

It sounds like you made a home made taser. I’d like to see a diagram and what you used to construct it.

— Posted by GR3MLIN on 1:54 am on Nov. 2, 2001

Ditto to that.

— Posted by Saruman on 8:34 am on Nov. 2, 2001

could be good t osay  how to do this thing, I d like to try somehting like this

— Posted by Xpl0siv on 8:43 pm on Nov. 2, 2001

yeah, iff you’d like to send me the plans i’ll add them to the archives under a folder with credit to you. this project sounds very interesting.

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 5:38 am on Nov. 6, 2001

D00D!!! that sounds sweet! i need one i’d sell meh soul for one! lol j/k anyway plz! notify me when it’s in the archives

— Posted by heretic3 on 11:16 pm on Nov. 14, 2001

unless i missed it, he never gave a descript.
Only similiar i know of would involve either a shotgun shell with primer cap striker, “zip-gun/bang-stick”, or feed a direct current via wall plug.
Any thoughts?

— Posted by Sicopath on 5:12 pm on Dec. 6, 2001

Realise how “everybodieshero” has not posted on this thread after the first? I’m beginning to think his “project” is fake.

— Posted by largeidaccam on 10:57 pm on Dec. 6, 2001

well ask him for plans an/or photos an if he’s got none then your right Sicopath

— Posted by ladieluver on 8:42 pm on Dec. 8, 2001

good point but still this sounds like an interesting project to make and even if it is fake i would still want to figure out how i could make on work it sounds fun

— Posted by Sen dog on 3:41 pm on Jan. 28, 2002

send me plans too

— Posted by wiggle me timber on 10:08 pm on Feb. 6, 2002

So far this “power stick” appears to be bogus kind of reminds you of a thing called the syndicate 😎

— Posted by Zambosan on 8:35 am on Feb. 7, 2002

My guess is that someone read a recent news article about a nonlethal piezoelectric shockwave weapon that was being considered for defense in airplane cockpits after 9/11. It’s a linear chain of hundreds of piezoelectric elements (usually bimetallic or ceramic/metallic) with a firing sequencer that sends an impulse to each one at exactly the right time. When the first is “clicked”, the sequencer waits the exact amount of time that it will take for the compression wavefront to reach the next element, minus the response time of the element. The idea is to exactly align all the individual wavefronts, resulting in constructive interference. By the time the wavefront reaches the waveguide at the front (we’re only talking milliseconds here), all the relatively minute individual pulses have interfered to create a whopping pressure impulse. Supposedly, it can knock you on your ass and burst your eardrums. Unfortunately, any hard surface can reflect a portion of the high-frequency energy back to the operator.

They ditched the idea for planes because you’d probably deafen everyone in first class as well. 🙂 Hehe, glad you paid 3x as much for your set NOW???  Would you like a complimentary hot towel for your *bleeding* ears? 🙂 Hehehe…

Anyways, there’s a lesson to learn here… don’t get excited about some “new kewl weapon” or bomb that someone posts about if there’s no details at’all. Again, most effective weapons & explosive devices take a decent amount of engineering savvy to create.  It only takes a post or two to tell if someone’s full o’ s**t.  Sadly, I’ve gotten kind of jaded… I operate under the assumption that most ppl are full of s**t until proven otherwise… ain’t experience a bitch? 😉

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 11:42 pm on Feb. 8, 2002

LOL like the way you think :biggrin:
yeah about the time that i first posted on this thread i started to think it was a might strange that “every body whatever” had’nt replied to everyone asking for the plans, including me 🙁 lol owell.

— Posted by Omagaman on 9:59 am on Feb. 9, 2002

I found this site to be somewhat cool:

— Posted by smokeuman on 3:01 am on Mar. 2, 2002

I’d just like to start off saying, I’m a dummard, I don’t know what I’m talking about. How might I be able to make this dealy? please do tell.

— Posted by Critical Damage on 3:42 am on Mar. 2, 2002

I Want to know how to make a power stick it sounds cool

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 1:21 pm on Mar. 2, 2002

Doesnt everyone c damage!

— Posted by aardvark on 12:37 pm on Mar. 3, 2002

I think this power stick thing is pretty fucken cool but, i don’t think you could fit all of the components needed to make the powerful shockwaves into a little stick.
I think this guy done be lieing

— Posted by Darkness on 12:43 pm on Mar. 4, 2002

Well it has been four months!

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 12:45 pm on Mar. 4, 2002

He only sent 2 posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Posted by kaboom on 1:37 pm on Mar. 6, 2002

you can buy sutch a thing in http://www.safety-sales.com its like a stun gun

— Posted by Pyroclasm on 8:18 pm on Mar. 6, 2002

Dude, think of the fun you could have with one of those power sticks and the school water fountain! hehehehe, of even the girl’s showers, hehehe,

— Posted by Ghost on 4:52 am on Mar. 12, 2002

I recon 1 of tha best things would hav 2 be sumthin lik a  power fist. that would be easy 2 wer and punch with

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