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A lot of women won’t go into bars alone because derelicts of all persuasions will bug them. Some guys report that these creeps hit on their dates with them present. What’s this world coming to? Anyway, one young lady found a scam to strike back at these score-artists. He name is Wanda Woodland, and here’s her method.

“I like to have a few drinks without all sorts of creeps bothering me. But, it never works out that way. I decided to make them as miserable as they made me. So, one night, I let a guy buy me all kinds of drinks, and I ordered the most expensive stuff I could get. We then went through the `ride home’ ritual of stopping at a cocktail lounge with a motel. I had insisted we take my car which was O.K. with him. He didn’t know it, but it was essential for my plan.

“His line was offered and I accepted. So far, I hadn’t even had to kiss the jerk, and he hadn’t tried to touch me. I let him pay for the motel room, and while he was in the shower getting all sexy, I took out my lipstick and wrote on the large mirror above the bed, “MY FUN WAS IN YOUR CHASE…START WITHOUT ME,” quietly left the room, got in my car, and went home…laughing all the way.”

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