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BB Machine Gun

That BB machine gun sold via mail by a specialty outfit down in Florida, is a formidable glass-trashing device. When I think of BB guns and glass, I usually think of small pockmarks. But, that’s what happens when you do a number on a window with a Daisy. The air-fed machine gun variety is a whole different ball game. The steady stream of BBs does unbelievable damage. At a range of four feet, on a two second drive-by, a reader put a hundered BBs into the side windows of his mark’s parked car. He trashed all four side windows in several seconds, and the glass just fell out in what he described as “an ice-maker gone bezerk.” The glass just collapsed under the steady impact.

These guns use a can of automobile air conditioning freon for the propellent. with a little customizing, they can be hooked up to a compressed air bottle as well. In this particular incident, the car was a company auto – the boss’s car – being used by the mark without his permission while he was out of town. The object of the sneak attack was simply to create a need for the mark to explain it all to his boss.

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