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Bounty Hunters

Look through the dozens of relatively recent “Wanted” posters in the post office for some nasty criminal who looks like your mark. Hopefully, your mark is not too well known or is a newcomer. According to J. Edgar Murtha, it’s amazingly true that in checking two hundred or so posters you’ll be able to come up with six people who have a fairly close resemblance to your various enemies or marks. Borrow those posters.

To put this plan into action, show your mark’s poster (or use Xerox copies to which you’ve affixed a seal from your notary stamp – described in earlier books) around macho bars where amatuer Bounty Hunters and other guys who read *Soldier of Fortune* hang out. Drop word that you’re a pro hunter and that there’s a $25,000 reward for this person. In hard times your wanted poster, and your mark, will attract a lot of attention. If you’re especially ballsy, visit the local constables and show them the poster copies.

The thing that really makes this work, accoring to Murth, is *also* showing some realistic stakeout-type photos of the subject which you have taken yourself. Explain that these are “surveillance” photos. Let your bounty hunter or constable compare the photos and the poster. The closer you get to the mark’s neighborhood, the faster your operation will come home to haunt him.

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