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Bubba Bates was had by a buck-passing bureaucrat in Florida, i.e., he was screwed out of a good job by this paperwork parasite. Buck had an advertising insparation. He placed an ad in loacl papers offering jobs to “Male Secretaries Only.” He included such come-ons in the copy as “$11 an hour, must be physically attractive and gentle,” plus a few more choice character traits. He then listed the mark’s name and office location with a strong “no phone calls” admonition in the ad. He set the show-up-for-interview time as one half-hour prior to the mark’s office actually opening. That meant that when the bureaucratic mark arrived at work on the morning in question, he had a lot on very ungentle male secretaries bitching away at each other and then at him for his cattle-call style of recruitment. I’d be willing to bet that some members of the local vice squad were there, too. Bubba Bates says you can repeat this one as often and with as many variations as you feel the mark requires.

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