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Campers and Camping

Does it boil your temper over into the red area on a hot summer’s day when some camper stays in the communal comfort station (aka public crapper) for twenty or thirty minutes reading the newspaper?

A fan by the name of Wolfgang Creutzfeldt is only kidding around, of course, with his solution to this irritating face flusher. “Get a tin can and fill it half full of Koolaid – the drink for kids. Then, set it inside the outside door of the crapper. Take a red-hot coal from a nearby camp fire and drop it into the Koolaid

Instant smoke! Lots of it,” claims Creutzfeldt. “You can experiment with other additives to mix with the Koolaid. I’ve tried hot chili sauce with screaming success. It makes a lot of truly obnoxious smoke.”

More Camping Pranks
  • Bury someone’s hatchet or ax in a tree about 20 feet off the ground and in plain sight.
  • Snipe Hunts. ‘Nuff Said.
  • Spray someone’s tent with some aerosol based bug spray. This will erode the waterproofing of the tent.

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