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Cassette Tapes and Movie

Our ubiquitous Jimi the Z has a stunt for matron/marks and other lovers of Lawrence Welk, 101 Strings, Frank Sinatra, and other geeks like those. Of course, their musical taste isn’t what makes them marks. You are merely using that taste to hit back. Jimi says to get access to their favorite tapes and record over their numbers with rotten selections by Frank Zappa, the Sex Pistols, or Captain Beefheart.

Here are some more tape and movie pranks that you can play on your mark:
  • Crack open someone’s audio cassettes and flip the tape over so that what comes out is pure gibberish.
  • Rent porn tapes from the video store and record something like Barney or the Wizard of Oz over them. Just imagine the next person who gets them. Better yet, do it the other way around or exchange the tape in their respective cases. (they aren’t likely to check)

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