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Charity begins at the home of your mark. You simply volunteer his/her services to the charity’s recruiting chairperson, giving the name and address of your mark. These charity drives are so happy to get volunteers these days that they will rarely verify your call. That means the first contact the mark has is when another volunteer shows up at the door with all sorts of campaign and collection materials. In many cases, the mark is too embarrassed to refuse, and you’ve added to his/her workload.

If you think that’s a dirty trick to pull on Charities, ask them how many cents out of each dollar go directly to the victims and other people who are at the bottom of the line for help. Besides, your mark might turn out to be a great charity worker.

You can call in generous pledges in your mark’s name during telethons and other charity drives.

You can also call in pledges to bothersome telethons, using double-entendre names. For example, when one public-TV station held another of its semiweekly fundraisers, several contributors announced over the air as pledging financial support included Clint Toris, Seymour Kunt, Connie Lingus.

Margie Kowalski used to work for the Salvation Army. She suggests that you call the local Salvation Army, Goodwill, or whatever charity and report your mark for stealing out of the organization’s pickup boxes. Report the mark by his auto license number. Say you work at one of the stores near the collection box and you’ve seen the mark rob the box several times. You can also report this “crime” to the police.

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