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Christmas Trees

Stoney Dale used to live two doors away from a cantankerous old man who never had a kind word for anyone. The man verbally abused his neighbors and their kids and pets, took potshots with a BB gun, or was always calling the police for things he imagined people were doing to him. The police regarded him as a crank and dreaded his calls. Stoney took it upon himself to get even on behalf of the suffering neighborhood.

“Two days past christmas I ran an ad in the local paper, saying, `I have a need for all evergreen trees used for Christmas decoration. Please leave them on my driveway or lawn. I will pay you $3 per tree.’ I used the old grump’s name and address with the ad. The newspaper took my cash and never checked the story. Withing two day’s the old man’s property was buried with the remains of the town’s yuletide,” Stoney relates.

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