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Big Jules Torquate of Newark came up with a piercing twist to the old idea of sticking holes in Condoms. It seems his sister was living with her supposedly faithful sweetheart. Then, one day little sister found a hefty supply of Trojans. She thought this was a bit odd since she was on the pill. Then she recalled the late nights, the early mornings, the excuses, the odd odors, and other things about her lover’s behavior of late that didn’t add up – until she found the hidden Condoms.

Jules’ sister put the venerable pin pricks in the rubber goods, then put them back carefully so that Mr. Wrong would continue to rely on their effectiveness. When Jules found out about all of this, he added the final touch (ouch!). He carefully skewered a large pin into the last condom, as a signal that is’s owner had misplaced his trust in his organ as much as Jule’s little sister had in him.

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