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Department Stores

Mike Leary was a strnage enough guy but a victim of his own circumstances, i.e., he was lazy and thus, difficult to employ. It was under this cloud that he was browsing in the Lou A. Miller House of Fashion one spring day. He was daydream shopping for his nonexistant girlfriend when a clerk asked if she might help him. He smiled and said he was just looking. She frosted him with a glance and went to search for the manager.

Mrs. Miller personally told Mr. Leary that he should not loiter in her store unless he was a serious customer. At that point, Mr. Leary grew very serious intentions in him ind. He left the store right away. He made plans over the next few weeks, including recon and buying some supplies. Then, on the big day, he shaved, put on his best suit, and went back into the store just before closing time.

He waited carefully a few moments, then ducked quietly into a dressing stall on the floor. He knew the clerks never checked there before locking up at night since he had done his intelligence recon before pulling his stunt. Whe the last person had left, Mr. Leary brought out his bag of tricks.

He went quickly to the display window and started gibing the mannequins some fashion accessories in the most aproppriate places. For example, on an elegant lady mannequin, he placed a chewed cigar butt in her upraised fingers. In the hand of another femal mannequin, he hung a dripping douche bag. A male dummy was now posed with the buisness end of an enima fixture in one hand. The tube disappeared elsewhere. Let me give you a list of some of the other objects that Mr. Leary placed with the window and in-store mannequins in his brief fifteen minutes of action before he quietly and safely left the store. They included: three large dildoes, a squash, a pizza, two accu-jac devices, two vinyl female sex dolls, an Elvis poster, and some plastic religious artifacts. You can play mix-and-match to figure what went where.

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