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Disk Bomb

Disk Bomb by The Talon

The disk bomb is a wonderful way to get back at a person you
just can’t stand,
one who constantly asks for games, etc.


1 diskette
blue-tip matches clear nail polish


Carefully crush the heads of
the blue-tip matches (they must be blue-tip or
this will not work!) into powder. Mix the
powder to be sure all of the blue
igniting chemical that the matches are treated with is mixed

Spread this powder very thinly on the surface of the disk inside the read/

write access hole.

Carefully pour a very small amount of the nail polish on the powder
spread it out on the disk surface in the read/write access oval.

Wait about
an hour for the nail polish to dry.

Turn the inside of the disk so that the powder
mixture is not seen.

Give the disk to the intended victim.

If this
is done properly, within 30 sec of boot-up, the friction caused by the
spinning diskette will
ignite the powdered sulfur. The burning sulfur will
then ignite the plastic diskette, melting
it, causing a great mess inside the
victim’s drive.

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