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The word “dopers” attracts attention. The beauty of this stunt is that it will work well against any jerk or jerkess that you’d like to see in trouble with his parents, boss or other authority figure. It’s simple, too.

You call the mark’s home or work telephone number in hopes the authority figure answers. A bit of a research could narrow that to actually happening.
Here’s a sample of what to say.

“Hello. Is (mark’s full name) there?”

Authority figure answers negatively and request a message. If not, you ask if you can leave a brief message.

“The message is that I paid for my dope and that little creep better deliver it or I’m gonna have some street people [ or bikers ] rip his/her face off. You got that [ bitch, lady, punk or whatever name you with to use ] ? I get my dope by tomorrow or that little AIDS bait [ relationship ] of yours is deat meat.”

It is likely this rather one-sided conversation will create some interesting additional conversation when the gist of the call is explained to the mark, proving once again that a milligram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure.

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