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Everyone who smokes a bit of dope gets hit on by moochers. Wayne Weed from New Orleans has one way of dealing with chronic or obnoxious moochers. “Hey, I’m as generous as they come, to a point. After a while, forget it, man. What I do is roll some joints using parsley and maybe a few dead seeds scattered in for realism. Serious dopers get the message soon, others don’t. What’s funny is the amateurs who think they’re high…on parsley…that’s the hilarious part,” says Wayne.

Some serious sophisticates from L.A., namely Larry and someone signing his letter Zapata, suggest that you grind up a No-Doz pill or two and put it into a little envelope known in drug circles as a bindle. Use this as a plant, then do your duty as a good citizen to report the suspicious person, i.e., your mark, for possession.

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