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Once, a very close friend of mine was badly hurt by a former employee who not only had been stealing from the company, but when the employee left, she said and did some terrible things that damaged my friend personally and professionally. Revenge was the best medicine, and he did extract his dose.

He waited a year to get even. It was worth it. The woman has moved to another job in a city about two hundred miles away, in the next state. Having access to drugs, my friend got a small amount of cocaine and planted it in her car during a special visit to the other city for just that purpose. He then used a pay phone to call police and give them the lady’s name. He told them that she’d just burned him on a drug deal and that he was turning her in because of it.

As this is written, the case is going to court. Happily for my friend, this female actually had a bit of marijuana on her person when she got busted for the planted coke. Talk about good luck. The third stroke of luck was that this bust took place in New York State. He has followed the case through the other city’s newspaper and through a friend. He says the police aren’t buying her story of innocence. The best part is that by now, she can’t think of anyone who would have a motive to hurt her.

Having drugs around is a very dangerous risk. But if the stakes are right, it can become a very serious business for the mark. You should know that your call to the police will be recorded. Disguise you voice mechanically by using a rerecording tape, or inhale some helium from a balloon just before you make the call, since it will alter you voice totally. If you’re a good thespian, try to use a foreign or regional accent. Speak very softly, also. Don’t stay on the line for more than thirty to forty-five seconds. Do your number and hang up.

An old head like William Harvey would get a chuckle from this, if he were still with us to enjoy it. If his mark was straight or naive about dope, Bill thought it was fun to mail him/her bagfuls of chopped weeds, oregano, etc., with some incense sprinkled on for scent. As an added touch he included one or two joints rolled using the bogus weed, with a note saying, “Enjoy the samples on me.”

These materials were mailed to the mark’s home address using a slight variation in the spelling of the name. Ideally, the mark thought she/he had been confused as an innocent dupe in a dope deal. After a day or two, Harvey had a male with a rough, raspy voice call the mark to ask if some package had been misdirected to him/her by accident. The caller suggested that other, nastier accidents might happen if the mark did anything uncool like calling the authorities. Naturally, the mark already had done this. What would you expect a mark-type person to do? After all, that’s how people get to be marks.

As a postgraduate version of this scam, Harvey used to send a package containing some suspicious-looking white crystalline powder (sometimes with a touch of brown) using the same bit just described.

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