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Electric Power

Somebody you know running a power trip on you, flexing the ego-bully muscles of a new job, promotion or whatever?

Black out his ambition by switching his or her home fuse box or circuit breaker box in the the “power off” mode. Then, padlock or spot-weld the box shut. Bleme the Nazis, the KKK, the Democrats or some other cult by leaving a crude note.

Electrical Appliances

Many Haydukery fans suggested this one so it really isn’t new. But maybe you’d forgotten it, so pay attention now.
You are all aware of the removable power-cord block at the back of many TV sets, small ovens and other appliances. It’s called the “interlock.” Select your mark’s appliance that you wish to sabotage and unplug the interlock. Using clear nail polish, cover the male pins thoroughly with a good, heavy coating. Let dry. Replace the interlock. The appliance will not operate.
The fun really cuts loose, of course, when the frustrated mark finally takes the inoperable appliance to a service center. Big, big repair bills as well as frustration for the repair person, as most don’t spot the trickery.


Here’s a quickie from Jolly Cholly Potter, who likes to put shoe polish on the pull-strings hanging down from basement light fixtures. Calling into one of my talk shows, he said, “I do it for my girlfriend a lot and she always falls for it. It’s a real hoot, as the old mark gets polish all over his or her hand.” He’s in coal business if that help explain things.

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