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Fast Food Stores

Here’s a switch. Suppose you work at one of these gastronomic whore houses and want to get back at some of the absolute idiot customers who make your life awful.

  • Freddie from San Antonio works at (don’t you wish you knew?) and says when someone urinates him off, he coughs up huge wet hawkers and blows them into their food before serving it.
  • Allen, who works at Boston, cools off his temper from dealing with an awful customer by walking into the cooler and placing pieces of used toilet paper between ground beef patties of a franchise favorite.
  • Sid used to do worse when a customer upset him without reason where he cooked. He would actually dab little flecks of feces on their patties after he had cooked them.
  • At nationally recognized franchises that feature fries, you’ll think about Larry, the cook. If he is irritated the night before, without fail, the next morning he will pee into every French fry bin.

Perhaps Bob Grain was on the mark’s end of one of these employee stunts. Maybe that’s why he drove to his local fast food outlet that used an outdoor two-way “drive-in” order device. Bob says he ordered a huge, expensive, and complicated meal, then immediately drove on through the line and far, far away.

I asked one of my moles inside a local fast food mark about this. She said there was a very good chance the people in the car behind Bob’s would get the order. If it were a big, complicated order, there would be an argument. If it were small, they might pay for it before realizing something was wrong. Hopefully, by then, as Bob noted, their kids would have it scattered all over the car. Of such wonders dreams are made? My mole says the best time to pull this off would be the busy times at lunch and during evening meal hours. She says it will work.

May I take your order?

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