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Consulting the menu from Aunt Nancy’s Kitchen, we discover that you can burn your mark if you insert some fun into his or her personal, homemade assembly line of cake and cookies. The major idea is to ice the bakes goods with something yucky.

What comes to mind is bacon grease icing. Try it on your mark’s cookies and cakes. Some food coloring should hide the smell. Would you like to freak out some real rat who has mistreated you to horrible dinners and other meals? Invite him or her to your place, or, better yet, to a neutral location for dinner. Slip a couple of mice or rats into a blender with other ingredients of your choice and make whipped delight. Put it into a baked shell, pie, quiche or whatever is in at the moment. But be sure to name it.

Let your mark eat it. Whether or not you inform the mark what was eaten, when or how, is up to you.

Sharing food with friends is a popular Yuppie treat. According to Billy Bea McStates, a true Yuppie master, one of the newer trends is to volunteer food from your plate to the plates of others.

Here’s how Billy Bea does it. “I slurp up a bite of something, chew it around for awhile, then offer it out, saying, ‘Hey, wanna try some of my food?” They think it’s gonna be fresh off a plate, least ways until I spit what’s been wetly masticated in my mouth onto their spoon or directly onto the mark’s plate.

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