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Freaky Stuff

If you want to terrify your mark more than hurt her/him, follow these simple directions.

Get to your mark’s bedroom window. Take a glass cutter and gently cut a square hole in the glass. Be careful not to cut the whole way through the glass. Choose a biker’s glove that is just larger than the hole, or the other way around, and glue it over the cutting on the outside of the window. If you can’t get a glove, a photo will do. The idea is that a biker has left his calling card and may reappear anytime.

Scared? I bet your mark sleeps on his or her back for a long time after the stunt… if sleep comes.

Next freak shot is when you hire a really disgusting and gross person and put him on her in a really disgusting outfit. You are going to take revenge on someone who really irritated you. It could be a former sweetie, boss or whomever.

This person you have hired to do your freaky stunt must be a terrible sight. You must insist that he/she have a huge head cold or sinus condition as a prelude to employment. When he/she gets to your mark’s home and the mark swings open the door, your disgusting stooge shouts “Boogergram, Boogergram!!!” and blows his/her nose fully on the mark, pulls the door shut, and leaves as fast as possible.

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