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Get bak at your neighbour

Do you have a jerk neighbor that makes your life miserable? Loud music 2 o’clock in the morning, fire crackers late at night, their kids ringing your doorbell and running, their CB Radio interfering with your TV and Radio, their grill cooking crap that smells up the block, their dog barking at you every time you come out your back door, mowing their lawn early Sunday morning, and your house very hot because they cut down that nice big maple tree shading your yard. This is what I always had to put up with.

These series of article will discuss different ways to Get back at your Neighbor

Their grass

If you throw a rock at their window, it won’t do much good because it only takes a couple of hours to fix and costs very little money. What do I recommend? The grass.

Get a container of bleach, poke a few holes where the cover is with a nail, and you have yourself a bleach sprinkler. Go out about 2:30 in the morning and sprinkle it all over their lawn. In 1-2 days, they’ll have hay instead of grass.

Alka Seltzer

Another way to destroy the lawn is to make it look like the dog did it. Put a couple or a few of these in the dog’s water. In a couple of

minutes, there will be mud all over your neighbors lawn (it’s not mud). One of your neighbors might even slip in it and fall down. They’ll think it’s mud until they smell it. (Make sure all windows in your house are closed if the wind is blowing that way.) For more stuff on alka seltzer, I recommend reading ALKA SELTZER FUN. It’s good.

Cock Roaches

If you have a bad problem in your house with some of these, no problem.

Don’t kill them; just put them around your neighbor’s house and let them do what their supposed to do. (If they have a long-wooden stairway going towards their front door, I recommend putting a whole bunch of them there.)

This is the end of YOUR NEIGHBOR PART 1. Look out for YOUR NEIGHBOR PART 2.

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