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Get bak at your neighbour 2


I hope you read part 1 of YOUR NEIGHBOR. This article will discuss what you can do to his cable and what to do when you’re invited over for a cookout.

Just read this and get some pretty good ideas. By the way, I take no responsibility for the miss use of this article. There. Now go make your neighbor’s life miserable.


You can only do this to his cable at about 4:00 in the morning. Because if you do it at 1 or 2 in the morning, he’s probably one of those types that watches TV while he’s sleeping. Be careful. Look around his house to see where his main TV is. When you get to that room, look around the outside of his house for the cable connection. It should be this tiny splicer about 2 inches big. There’s probably 3 wires going through it. Cut all of them and run.

Another thing you could do to annoy him is to take all of them out, then replace them in all different places. He’ll turn on the TV in the morning only to find he doesn’t have cable. He’ll go outside and see

everything looks fine with the cable splice, then call Media One over and pay money to see what is wrong.


If he’s a dumb neighbor, he’ll invite you over for a cookout. Put some gunpowder in his grill. (Too much will kill him). Put in a little bit just to scare him half to death.

If you say you have to go to the bathroom and he invites you inside, here are some extremely annoying things to do:

1) Put the gas on in his stove
2) Steal ALL of his glasses
3) Sprinkle water inside his computer
4) Turn his heat all the way up
5) Turn all of his clocks two hours ahead
6) Steal all of his dictionaries
7) Unscrew all of the bulbs in his house
8) Everything else you can think of

If you want to cause pain

This will hurt. Take his hairdryer and cut of the plastic where the wire is. Now, both wires should be completely showing. Rap another wire around both wires tight so you’re absolutely sure both wires are connecting. Now get some tape to match the cord and rap it around the place that you cut so it can hold the wire on and so it won’t be noticeable. The second he plugs in his hairdryer, he will get a huge shock straight from the outlet, it will start sparking and smoking and the inside of his walls will catch on fire.

Another thing you could do, is put some acid in his shampoo bottle.


This concludes YOUR NEIGHBOR PART 2. Look out for YOUR NEIGHBOR PART 3.

Comments (8)

  • Aurora

    I’ve put acid in a guys shampoo bottle, I laughed like hell when I heard him screaming from the locker room. Every other girl that knew what I did was cracking up too!

  • naberhater

    Back before we had cameras in school, I super glued a girls locker shut and super glued her padlock. The custodian had to cut the lock off and pry the locker open. I just asked to go to the bathroom during class and hit the empty hall undetected.

    If you really want to get back at a stupid neighbor the fill out as many magazine subscription cards as you can. Find dirty magazine ones too and check the “bill me later” box. They will be flooded with magazines and have to call or write to cancel each one. Wait 3 months and start again. If they don’t cancel the magazines, it will go to collections and possibly affect their credit. Muhahaha

  • Vicar Seargent

    Ya like, his bleeding skull face and melted eyeballs made me, like, wash out the shampoo bottle and like, totally frig my ass with it. Every other girl was like, totally firgging my ass with it too!

  • JadeVixen

    @Aurora What a crock of shit. Shampoo bottles would never hold acid, stupid ass

  • Wendy Lewthwaite

    To the idiot that was talking about leaving tablets for the dog your a moron and a disgrace.

  • Wendy Lewthwaite

    I just can not believe any moderator would leave comments on this site encouraging Animal Cruelty!

  • liem anderson

    Okay I’ve done so many of these things that I can’t remember if I have written you before or no, but in case I have not please feel free to use anything I tell you. I had a neighbor who always had something to whine about in reguards to me and my family. So I thought I will sell their home for 20,000 under market value with an open house next Sunday from 12-5 or there abouts So I went to a pay phone and placed a call to the K.C. star newspaper wow what a mess it was for five hours cars every where all the way down the street, oh yes I put in the paper free snacks too.what a mess cars for a 1/4 mile down the road for 4-5 hours, they moved in about a month.Have fun oh yes I billed the ad to the idiot with their phone nimber and address.

  • liem Anderson

    First letme say thank you for posting my stuff in Dec. I’m still here and thinking, I still have one neighbor to run off, and I will. I was thinking of placing an ad in the newspaper Man seeks Man for a good time must be quiet about it, but long for a vew boyfriend, willing to travel to the south seas. then give his phone number and address at his job. He should have never killed my dog years ago, my dog was old deaf and blind and the only thing my son had to help him after his mess in the service. I have many more and go to sleep and they come to me and I laugh in my sleep. I should write a book on these Shenanigans, and yes I’m an Irish American with Jewish roots, so I can’t loose. Thanks again. Liem

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