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Gross Out

An undeserving couple was nistly undercut by a Yuppie hostess at a neighborhood party. Being only wimps, they applied for help from a friend who had graduated from a Haydukery School of Mayhem.

Here’s what he did. “I went to the lady’s next party as a guest and took a can of instant whipped cream with me inside my coat,” recalls Pablo Gorman. “The lady’s friends did some very upper-class snotty charades, cutting on poor people, minorites, stuff like that. I got ready for my turn.

“Before going in front of the group, I filled my mouth with the whipped cream. The, I strode out and stood in front of the hostess. I began to stroke my neck up and down, starting slowly, then going more rapidly. Within a few moments, I moaned, bulged my eyes, opened my mouth and spewed the whipped cream all over her face.”

In the climatic confusion, Pablo Gorman quickly left, the message intact.

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