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Gun Nuts

The worst enemies that gun owners have are their own red-necked mental peewees who write letters to *American Rifleman and Gun Week* tying all the gun woes to liberals, communists, and everything else in the world. They are the single minded adults whose entire lives revolve (no pun intended) around the issue of gun control. Generally, they are from small towns and have IQs to match. If only there were a way to keep these bad examples out of the public media. Oh, well.

Bud Hammell is a gun collector who was harassed by the state police because a fellow collector informed one of their agents that Bud was selling guns to kids, didn’t keep sales records, and so on – all untrue. What had Bud really done? He had fairly outbid Mr. Informant on a gun collection for sale. To get back at the jerk, Bud waited a year, then placed some classified ads.

“I put the ads in controversial underground and radical publications – both left and right wing. I advertised “Machine Guns and Silencers for Sale… Cheap!”

In his ad, Bud made such clever claims as “I handle all red tape – no forms for you to fill out, no expensive tax stamps…no worry with the police or BATF.”

Naturally, the name, address, telephone number, and dealer number or Mr. Informant want on the bottom of the ad as its logo. Mr. Informant was a licensed gun dealer, but he didn’t have the proper license to sell machine guns or silencers. The ads had only been out a week when the first federal agent came to talk with Mr. Informant.

Ask anyone who is a licensed gun dealer or knows the business; it’s really bad news to have these gun law feds on your case, especially if you are innocent. America’s federal gun law cops are the nearest thing to the Gestapo we have.

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