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As a lot of people have known through the years, Halloween is a fine time for having fun with serious intent, i.e., a great time to get even. Suppose your mark lives in one of those security bound buildings protected by closed circuit TV, guards and all that. Wait until Halloween, when a lot of guests will be entering the building in costume or other disguises.

Have a very trusted friend who has no connection with the mark rent your costume for you. Both of you will need airtight alibies in the event the police got involved, i.e., if your stunt is really awful.

You dress in the surrogate-rented suit and do your dirty work. All that the guards or the video cameras note is “someone” in your costume. Frankly, unless a truly sensational crime is involved, police have more vital things to do than chase down a prankster in a Halloween suit on Halloween night. Although others had the same basic idea, the icon of creation here was dick Smegma.

When I was a kid, we had this old grump in the neighborhood who was our mark because he was such a mean old prick all year-round. Halloween was our one night to get even and usually did. But those were the innocent years. Today, new generations would deal with him in a different fashion, as you’ll see.

Take advantage of all the media hype about sickies who poison candy or stick razor blades in kiddies’ goodies. This time, you or a very trusted friend plant the poison or the blades in your own kid’s stash or that of the friend’s kid. Make sure you have some witnesses when you “check” your kid’s candy as “a concerned parent.”

Of course, in your intelligence-gathering stage earlier, you learned what sort of goodies the mark is handling out. Duplicate it. Now, for the surprise – you “find” the doctored stuff and announce that your kid got it from “Mr. Mark” The Kid will probably agree, because he or she did get that sort of treat there. Make sure you have removed the other examples of that treat from the bag before “breaking your case.”

Call the police. Follow up with a civil lawsuit for millions or you get publicity. Even if all the hype falls through, listen to the word-of-mouth reputation you’ve created. A good way to poison the old neighborhood well, as it were.

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