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High School

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, when he was a young tad, Colorado’s Bill Basque remembers how his rival high school cooperated to stop senseless vandalism. Bill says the student councils at the two schools signed a pact saying that the senior class treasury would be used to pay for any damages done to the rival school before, during and after “the big game.”

“We had one guy who was a little bit craftier that the rest. He lined up some very sensible damage to our school using the other school’s name and colors; then he planted some incriminating personal property evidence he’d managed to acquire from some kids who went to the rival school.

“Naturally, his little counter terrorist stunt caused an uproar, depleted the other senior class’s treasury and ruined their senior prom. He was a bright kid. I think he works for the Republican National Committee now,” Bill muses.

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