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Hot Tubs

Carolyn, another L.A. punk rocker, says she once dumped five pounds of fertilizer in a self-styled Lothario’s jacuzzi. The resulting odor was quite vulgar throughout the entire apartment complex. Another friend, Mel Cajones, says that someone entering a hot tub or jacuzzi containing this fertilizer broth is quite likely to get nasty skin burns.

I’m not so sure about this one, but as it came in from our very wonderful Heidi Marie, why not try it? After a particuarly unhappy party experience involving a hot tub and some very obnoxious people, a friend of Heidi’s decided to stiffen up the host’s hot tub – symbollically, no doubt. She added several boxes of cream of rice cereal to the tub. It sounds great, something to interest a lot of kids…a huge bowl of hot cream of rice cereal.

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