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Suppose you are staying at a hotel and get into a bad beef over the poor quality of the meal you get in their restaurant. After trying to be reasonable, here is how Ralph Charell, a champion-class advocate for the little guy, handled it. Seeing absolutely no satisfaction and no end of snobbish treatment, Charell took the following steps. He requested a deposit box in the hotel safe and placed the offending rib roast, which he felt was of poor quality, in the box and locked it. The box had two separate locks and two separate keys. One was held by the hotel, the other by Charell.

“At this point, the hotel management has absolutely no idea what I’d placed in the box,” Ralph Charell explained. “I told them it was valuable evidence in a possible legal action I was considering against an organization with whom I was having a disagreement about the quality of one of their products.”

In a short time, someone at the desk caught the disagreeable odor of decay coming from the area of the safe. Within another short time, Charell was called by the manager and asked to clear whatever was in the box out of the box. Charell explained about the “evidence” in this legal action. The hotel manager threatened to force open the box anyway. Charell reminded him of the laws against destroying evidence, then explained the whole situation.

“What do you want from me, Mr. Charell?” was the manager’s beaten reply.

Ralph Charell then reported the details of the dinner he and his party had had at the hotel. It takes a real expert like Ralph Charell to turn a trick into something positive for all sides.

In Homer City, Pennsylvania, a group of the locals told about the time a fellow had a room at a nearby boardinghouse. He was the pompous sort of smartass who just begged to be dirty tricked. The locals went to a junkyard and brought a huge gang plow. It was in pieces and was relatively easy for these husky lads to put in the mark’s rooms. They assembled it and welded the pieces together with a small, portable machine. They and their machine left. There was a great deal of consternation on the part of the mark and the landlord, who parted company faster than the room and the plow. Automobiles and other bits of large machinery work equally well in rooms and apartments today.

A collegiate trick reported by Whitney Clapper called for hiding small dead things, such as mice, sparrows, or moles, in out-of-the-way places in the marks rented room. Good secret places include light fixtures, inside switch boxes, unused overcoat pockets, and inside appliances. Within a few days, the mark will be aware that something is wrong. A few more days, and he’ll be sure. Left unattended, this stunt will provide the mark with a mass of pet maggots to raise.

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