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Memoranda are part of the interoffice political warfare of everyone who happens to be branded with professional or clerical-level employment. Many memos are written in the tradition of Cover Your Ass (CYA) while a lot of other memos are written because of the insecurity of the writer. Or when some memos are written, they cause insecurity in those who must read them. All this pedagogical pap about memoranda will serve a purpose since memos may be used as weapons.

Let’s say your mark has been shafting you during the interoffice status rivalry game. Or he or she has been taking credit for your good ideas and/or blaming you for his or her duds. Depending on the mark’s personality, you might want to intercept one of his/her memos before it goes out, hold it a day, then send it back with some horrible message scrawled at the bottom or in the margin, Put some honcho’s initials on it. Be careful, though, of handwriting here. Or you may simply want to destroy the outgoing memo, or destroy the response memo, or cause copies of sensitive memos to go to the wrong people. You can easily direct this person’s fortune by manipulating his or her memo flow to the wrong people.

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