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Mind and Ego Busters

Mind and Ego Busters stated here are great ways to inflict psychological harm to someone for a while.

Select a magazine with a large picture of a face on the cover. With a cigarette or match, burn out just the eyes and the mouth. Mail the magazine to your mark. Do this several times a month at random periods. It is a very eerie experience., according to Dirty Donna, who says she really knows the depths of this psycho-warfare. She didn’t say she was a witch. But…..

Dirty Donna says that she also once sent a sympathy card to her mark’s wife. Inside the card she wrote a personal message, “So terribly sorry to hear about your husband’s untimely death.” She dated the message two weeks in the future and mailed it that say. The date of the death was timed to coincide with the date of their wedding anniversary.

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