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Shooting moons is a wonderful experience, as many readers have pointed out. Becky Beaver, a famous writer, has done it all over Ohio and Pennsylvania, as her ass is better looking than and as famous as her byline. But there have been a lot of other famous moon shots, accoring to the mail I get from readers.

Here are some extracts:
  • When some prominent mark dies or some other deserving soul gets dead by circumstances which the TV cameras will cover, be sure and moon the funeral ceremony in the semidistant background just when and where the TV cameras are rolling. Maybe the TV editors will miss seeing you. Viewers won’t miss it, though.
  • Seek out some cult religious organization with a gathering or some uptight graduation ceremony. Moon it.
  • Hover around family vacation sites of the type that attract typical American families. Moon them on the freeways, aiming for the backs of cars, usually out your front window. These moon shots are great because the still fun ‘n innocent all-American kids in the car see your ass before their uptight, pucker-assed American parents do. The kids laugh. Kids are neat. Mooning is neat. Parents are usually not neat. It’s hard to imagine that they were ever kids.

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