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Motion Pictures

Giggi Taveras was accused of sneaking booze into the theater when it was actually the people behind him. He had a few beers before the flick so he did smell of booze, but he had not brought in any. He didn’t even know the people behind him. Nonetheless, the manager had him charged. The fine was twenty-five dollars and nine dollars in cost. Giggi was furious.

When he next went to the movie, he prowled around the projection booth and found a lot of ventilator holes. He noted that with a piece of telescoping antenna and some putty he could adjust the sound volume control on the movie without the operator seeing him as that employee was also the ticket taker who had other duties after he set the film to running. Giggi waited until they showed a good suspense film. Then minutes into the film he stepped unnoticed to the air hole and adjusted the volume all the way up with his antenna. He quickly shortened it and was in his seat in three seconds. After six repetitions of the volume mysteriously going up and down drastically within twenty minutes, the show was stopped, the patrons waited ten minutes for an equipment check, then the film began again. So did Giggi, the moment the projectionist left the booth. The next time, he bravely adjusted the sound while the man was in the booth but had his back turned. He did it again. And, again.

By this time the audience was unruly to the point of being surly. The manager stopped the show and not only refunded everyone’s money but issues a free pass to all customers for a future movie. Giggi left a pleased and vindicated man. He made sure that he thanked the manager personally with a big smile.

Another Motion Pictures Revenge Story

Hugh Troy was a famed artist who was also a hardcore practical joker. Once, the manager of a motion-picture theater offended Troy. Troy went into the same theater the next evening, after secreting several jars of huge moths on his person. Soon after the feature began, he released the creatures, all of which flew directly into the beam of the projector and stayed and stayed and stayed….

Have you ever sat down in a darkened theater, later finding your posterior has been parked on someone else’s sticky candy bar or chewing gum from the last show? Did you ever go to a movie house, feel you were ripped off by the poor feature, get up and leave well before the film is finished, and still be unable to get a partial refund?

Peanuts Campbell used the restroom of a local movie house, and when he flushed the facility it backfired on him, staining his new pants and causing other patrons to both turn up their noses and turn away their eyes in annoyance.

Another person was served buttered popcorn in a tub that leaked the gooey liquid all over his date’s dress. Management refused to pay any claims. The patron of a stage theater had his pants torn on a potruding seat spring. No damages were paid, and his attorney said the amount was too small to take to court.

What’s next? Peanuts Campbell has an answer.

You must have a quick, clear exit after this action. Peanuts Campbell used to take a container of lukewarm vegetable soup into a movie theater. He sat in the front row of the balcony. He made the sounds of being sick to his stomach — choking, coughing, retching — then dumped the soup on the people below. The same tactic also works at sporting events, public meetings — anywhere there is a crowd below you. But you must have a good escape plan.

The point of all this is to have dozens of irate patrons demanding damage settlements from the managements of the establishment. If you don’t feel adventuresome enough to dump on your fellow customers, simply go into the theater early and, while no one else is around, place gooey chewing gum on random seats. Pick seats aways form the aisle or ceiling safety lights. You may also use a slow-drying glue on the seats.

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