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Mel tells this great story about her fiancee, Gary. He played in a group with a piano pounder who was a thorough rotter. Nobody liked the guy and he earned this hatred every day because of his ego and actions. Gary decided to have some professional fun.

“They were in a stage setup where Gary was playing guitar behind and below where the keyboard was set up. Gary waited until the piano jerk had a solo, then crawled to the bench, totally out of sight of the audience, and slipped his body just under the man’s bench. Then, with his drum-stick he started to beat a completely different temp back and forth, like a metronome, on the player’s knees. Within moments, the man’s distractedness showed and he hopelessly fouled up his solo. The audience got very restless. Nobody in the group jumped in with a riff to save him, either. He took another long, long minute to finish his messed-up solo,” Mel reports.

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