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Natural Gas

Here’s how to make your own Natural Gas odor solution. Ethyl mercaptan gives off an excellent natural gas odor, and it’s availiable from chemical supply houses. One reader used it already, as Ollie Lincoln reports.

“The damn Natural Gas company kept me awake all night for three months as they drilled a well in my neighbor’s field. He hated it too, but the company held the mineral and gas lease. I got some ethyl mercaptan from a chemical salesman and hit at random around the county over a few nights. I found that an ounce of it placed strategically on or near someone’s home or apartment, followed by a warning telephone call, will result in a helluva lot of nasty emergency calls to that gas company in the middle of the night. It was great fun,” Licoln related.

Professor Clothespin of Boulder, Colorado tells of a revenge scam with a Natural Gas angle. It seems that the Professor had a pal who was seriously duped by an oily, incompentent plumber. The plumber cost this guy several thousand dollars worth of rare Persian carpets one day when a supposedly “repaired” sewer line ruptured due to the plumber’s negligence. When the Professor’s friend sued this swine, the case was thrown out of court, thanks to some fine print in the plumber’s contract.

Here’s how the Prof’s buddy got even. He arranged for a crazy friend to dress up in a secondhand uniform from the local Natural Gas company. He even put on a real gas mask he picked up at an army surplus store. Then, at around two in the morning, he went to the mark’s house carrying one of those big tool boxes. When the plumber answered the door the disguised man waved histerically, shouting orders to evacuate due to a bad leak. “The whole block is gonna blow!” he screamed. The plumber and his family scrammed, of course.

Into the house ran the revenge specialist. He made a hasty tour of each bathroom in the house, filling each commode with quick-setting cement he carried in his tool box. He also threw in some rotten chicken livers and old carp guts. Then he split via the back door.

The Professor reports that the mark was forced to replace every toilet in the house. The fish and chicken innards just added to the fun when the plumber started breaking up the concrete the next morning.

In this case, I’d say the punishment probably stunk more than the crime.

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