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Be the first in your mark’s neighborhood to become a blockbuster. Find a real estate agency that deals mostly with blacks or Chicanos. Posing as the mark, call the agency and invite a salesperson out to talk about the sale of the mark’s neighbor’s house. Don’t hoke up your role with a lot of brotherhood stuff — play it straight. Now, if the mark is a good, solid white citizen living in a neighborhood of same-minded bigots, you have a wonderful deal going for you. The kicker is, you give the salesman the mark’s name and the neighbor’s address. Obviously, you must pick the most rednecked, bigoted neighbor to be the fall guy for the black or Chicano salesperson. By the time the “mistake” gets straightened out who’s going to believe the mark? Not only have you alienated his neighbor, but you have taken a big chunk out of his credibility and popularity. Black is beautiful, especially when it’s the color of the mark’s reputation among his peers.

This stunt works — a person I know used it. He’s a professional ball player who went into a furniture store with his wife to buy living-room-and-den suite of furniture. The clerk was bigoted and exceptionally nasty. My friend calmly asked to see the manager, who turned out to be worse than the clerk. The black customer suddenly flashed his wallet full of green money, and both white guys blanched. No further words were exchanged as the married couple left the store. Two days later my friend called a black real estate agency. You just read about what happened next.

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