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Notary Seal

Possession of or access to a notary seal is vital to a trickster. To the average layperson and common lawyer, the mere fact of a Notary Seal on a document is like God’s own rubber stamp. Many times you will need to have a document notarized as part of the scams explained in this website. Having your own seal kit is the obvious answer. Some firms sell real ones — “official” — on the black market. Some sell replica kits, which are not official. Avoid these — some are so crude that they wouldn’t even fool a politician. I know one trickster who had a seal kit custom made — by a con in a California prison print shop. The con had been an engraver in civilian life and really knew his work.

You can buy a blank die kit openly from any shop stocking seals. Corporations use them all the time, which may give you a tip right there about the value of seals. You can have a custom seal made by many of these companies.

However you obtain it, get a notary-seal kit. The uses of it pay off the first few times you scam someone. In addition to the Notary Seal, you should also get a couple of other official-looking dies. Commercially and openly, you can obtain blank dies with state logos, or you can get one that looks like a U.S. eagle. All sorts of possibilities exist.

More tidings on Notary Seals

Our ideas for buying, stealing, borrowing, or otherwise obtaining a notary seal brought in some ideas on simple, inexpensive ways to create a very passable bogus item. Nasty Ned tells me he simply placed a silver dollar tails up on a stool. Then he placed the document over the coin and stood on the coin/document with a clean, rubberheeled shoe. Naturally this “notarized” document won’t stand close inspection, but how often have you ever seen any American official pay that close attention to “notarized” documents? Nasty Ned has used the tactics many times and says it works for him.

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