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A friend of Mark Lochte recently graduated from USC. As part of his major, he was required to pass a physical examination at the university health center. He had already had a run-in with the crabby nurse there who was more pain than a broken eyeball. He came prepared for the urinalysis part of the checkup by secreting a small can of apple juice in his pocket. Nurse Fuhrer handed him a specimen cup, aimed him at the bathroom, and commanded him to “fill.”

“My friend went into the room and poured the cup half full of apple juice. He brought it out to her with a sheepish grin. She snapped at him, `I said fill it full, bucko. Now, get back in there and fill up that cup!; He shrugged, took back the cup and proceeded to drink the apple juice, then headed for the bathroom. The nurse nearly fainted,” Mark relates.

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