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Tiring of Jesus Junkies and other recuiters for the cross fouling his foyer, Barclay Mellom considered the occult as a deterrent. He eventually used other Hayduking measures to rid himself of the praying pestilence but recalled the occult when time came to teach a lesson to a pompous, nosy newcomer who was paying more than a passing fancy to Barclay’s young wife.

“We lived in a Bible Belt area where people really took their devils seriously,” Barclay told me. “I got a real live occultist from upstate to help me – he was only too glad to get involved. Between us, we had my region believeing that the amorous newcomer was also the real live thing….a true disciple of the devil. It was easy: a few advertisements in the local weekly, some handbills, the endorsement of the real occultist, and a lot of rumors at local bars.”

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