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Oil Companies

The newspaper sadlines are the same all over the country – independent, small service station operators, which aren’t owned by the major oil companies, are being forced out of buisness. Jumping Jack Flash of Chesterfield, Missouri has his own way of fighting back.

“A large magnet, say from a stereo system, can be placed over the flowmeter disc on a gasoline pump. It will stop the mechanism from measuring how much feul is flowing into your car, but it does nothing to impede the flow of fuel. Thus, you get your fuel for nothing.” Mr. Flash tells us.

At least one irritated reader from California is ready to grease his unfavorite credit card company. His is a credit card problem with a major oil company. He writes that he was a little late with his payment, which he does not dispute, and he paid bpth the payment and late-charge fee. But the company kept charging him the late fee for several more months. Then they added interest on top of that and wrote nasty notices. He wrote, called, explained. They added more interest.

“At this point, I figured the hell with them, especially if they wouldn’t answer me. Here’s how I am doing it. I paid off everything to get a zero balance on my statement. I let it go that way for a month so it would be totally clear.

“I still buy all my gasoline, oil, tires, and whatnot from my local dealer because he’s a good guy. But now I pay him in cash. Yet each month, I also charge ten cents worth of something on the company card. The first month it sent them twenty cents to collect ten cents. The next month I charged ten cents and didn’t pay my bill. I let it get overdue. There is no telling how long they’ll go on or to how much expense they’ll go to collect my overdue dime plus interest. My dealer thinks it’s damn funny as he hates the company, too.”

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