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One Liners

These are good, tested one-liners that you can use to put down or otherwise top another person during a public confrontation that has attracted the attention of other folks.

The decibel level at which you deliver the line will reflect on the situation. Also remember that timing is vital to effective communication.

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re gay (to a person of the opposite sex)
  • My God, he got you pregnant?
  • Stay the hell away from my ten-year-old daughter! (to an older man)
  • You shouldn’t even be in here – you have herpes (in a restaurant, bar or child-care center).
  • Keep your hands off my ass (anyone of either sex).
  • Don’t you dare follow me to the bathroom again, you fag!
  • My God, you’re carrying a gun!
  • Goddamn it, you’re a narc. Hey, he/she’s a narc (great in biker bar)
  • Deny you’re a narc, you jerk (also great in a biker bar).
  • How can you sell dope that cheap? (anywhere, but great in schools)

I’m sure you have other One Liners

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