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Revenge & Pranks

Revenge & Pranks

To inflict punishment in return for injury or insult is called revenge.

The goal of revenge usually consists of forcing the professed wrongdoer to suffer the same or greater pain than that which was originally inflicted.

In ancient times, in particular those societies with weak central justice systems, the method for deterring murder was to allow the victim’s family to avenge the killing. However, if the families of the killer and victim disagreed in their moral assessment of the killing, they would most likely disagree as well in their assessment of any revenge actions which were taken, and a blood feud might ensue.

Historically, there are two schools of thought on revenge.

The Bible, in Exodus 21;23, instructs us to ‘give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot’ to punish an offender. But more than 2,000 years later, Martin Luther King Jr., responded, ‘The old law of ‘an eye for an eye’ leaves everybody blind’.

As per research, revenge may be frowned upon, but the urge to extract a pound of flesh, is primed in the genes. A new brain-imaging study suggests we feel satisfaction when we punish others for bad behaviour.

This archive consists of tons of ideas and pranks for you to use to get revenge on someone you have been wronged by or someone you just really want to pull a prank on.

You can generate, then mix’n’ match revenge pranks in this category. Put nasty and personalized touches that are designed especially with your own flare make each hit more effective. Modification and customizing are grand ideas and I urge you to use them to match the crime and punishment.

Remember that psychological warfare is almost always more devastating than the real thing.

There’s an old Creole belief that sums it up well, ‘Wesp geye kofias na dlo, e se dlo ki kuit li’, which means something like this, ‘A fish trusts the water, and yet it is in the water that it is cooked’.

Richard M. Nixon

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Postal Service

We acquaint you with a way to soil your mark's psyche by diverting their mail which may be possibly lost by using Postal Service! Read on as you will read some quick tips to save on your personal postal overhead. ...

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Party Time

Read these headcase Party Time revenge ideas and savage your mark's reputation, or just to rub him the wrong way. If you're bugged with a loud party next door or bluntly hate the nasty host or just in mood of some wickedness; you will find atleast one revenge prank idea that would fit your needs! ...

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Notary Seal

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The mass media -- newspapers, radio, television, and magazines -- can be helpful tools in getting even, or they can be your mark in a dirty trick. Read how -- ...

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Mail Drops

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Do you happen to know a dishonest Lawyer or know someone who needs to learn a lesson? May it be any case this section provides you with revenge ideas that will help you to get back at both type of people in a lawful way! ...

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Lawns and Gardens

You happen to know some cranky crankypants who loves tending his garden. You've always wanted to get back at him but don't know how. You see the green Lawns, shrubs and flowers. You turn and see vengeance demon smiling at you -- ...

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Do you have an unabashed hatred for those weird, barmy and loony Joggers? If so, then read on as we present this special article on variety of plots that you can use in your revenge campaigns against them. ...

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