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Pen Pals

Men are fools when it comes to being conned by the game that proceded even prostitution. For example, if you could create a fictional lady, she could be as seductive as you wanted her to be. After all, to the mark she is an image brought on by the words you put down on paper or maybe use on the telephone. You want him to become her pen pal.

As this scam progresses, you hope the emphasis will turn to personal matters. It’s even more fun if the mark is married, because then he’ll make a bigger ass of himself. Your fictional Pen Pal lady must build a desire in the mark, by doing just what comes so naturally.

The climax is an assignation setup in an exotic city as far away as reality will allow. Setting up this sting calls for teasing creativity and all sorts of facades like flowers, hints of gifts, Fredrick’s of Hollywood apparel, bogus sexy Polaroids, etc.

The next to last thing you will do in this stunt is discontinue your post-office box or whatever mail-drop address you were using for his return messages. The last thing you (as the Pen Pal) will do is mail, call, or telegraph this final message, “Meet you at the Sin City Hotel, suite 625, tonight at 10 P.M. I’ll have the tub and me all warm and wet.”

Naturally, only one of you will arrive, and he’ll hardly be in the mood to start without “you.”

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