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Ask any competent photographer who also has some sense of humor, about composite photographs. Its all about Photography baby! They’re easy to make — the tabloids used them for years. It’s a photo where someone has been added to a group, someone’s face has been used on the body of another person, or an entirely new photograph is created simply by using composite parts.

This is a very useful dirty trick and one that bears the stamp of approval of the CIA and the FBI.

Unless you’re competent in Photography, including copying, darkroom technique, and minor retouching and airbrushing, or unless you have a very trusted friend who will help you, you’d best forget this one. However, done well, the uses of composites are limited only by your imagination. Here are some Photography examples passed along by some of our sources:

  • A “photo” showing the mark leaving a motel room with a person of the opposite sex.
  • A “photo” sent anonymously to the police showing the mark or the mark’s vehicle engaged in some illegal activity — like poaching, dealing drugs, or corrupting the morals of minors. Be sure the license number of the vehicle of visible.
  • A “photo” showing the mark’s spouse nude and in a compromising pose with a companion — human, animal, or whatever.
  • A “photo” showing the mark in a compromising situation with a person of the same sex could be sent to the mark’s employer. This will surely mark your mark a gay who will live in infamy.

Like other topical areas in this website, this one is strictly a technical suggestion. You will have to furnish the motive, rationale, and application for your own Photography nastiness.

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