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The late Hugh Troy mentioned earlier was a king of practical jokers. Once he had a run-in with a New York police officer in a park. The public sevant was most unservile, treating Mr. Troy in a surly fashion. The next day, Hugh Troy went to the City of New York Office of Property and Supply and bought a park bench for a good deal of money. He had it delivered to the same park where the office had accosted him. He and two friends did this before the cop’s beat began. As soon as they say the cop approaching, they picked up the bench and started away with it.

To keep this story short, they told the cop they were simply taking the bench home. They did nothing to resist arrest and didn’t show anyone any arrest papers, or tell anyone about the purchase until their preliminary hearing. The furious judge asked Hugh Troy why he hadn’t told the beat cop about buying the bench. Mr. Troy replied that the officer (a) had never asked him, and (b) told him he didn’t want to hear a peep out of him. The judge gave the cop hell right in front of everyone and released Hugh Troy and friends. So much for bench-pressed justice.

Why don’t people respect our police? Detroit Jerald tells me this true story of what’s been going on for years now in the American automobile industry. It seems when the car companies make a run of police crusiers, word rolls down the line, and many workers break out supplies of food waste, garbage, roadkill, and so on, which they hide in the crusiers at various stages of construction. Supervisors and checkers often look the other way. Car 54, what’s happened to you?

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