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It’s not very original, but when a truly stupid politican irritated Paul “W. Ass, and rational discourse didn’t settle things, our hero waited two years until reelection time. By this time he had collected some amusing candid photos of the incumbent idiot in silly, semi-embarrassing postures. He used them to illustrate posters that falsely advertised the politico/ mark’s radical views on unpopular issues. The operable words here is “false” views.

“I put these posters, which cost less than twenty-five cents each from a sympathic printer, in really high-traffic areas where it is illegal to post posters, like turnpike booths, city trash cans, church windows and service display boards,” Paul reports.

When it comes to anti-poster planning, consider the problems faced by an unpopular cause in America – peace. James Idare, a longtime advocate of peace, laments, “Every time we put up posters, some Yuppies, hawks or retreads for Reagan tear them down. I finally had a fine idea.

“I mixed some rather rough ground glass, a bit of cow urine and another chemical in with the paste we used to secure the posters. I figure that trading some poster-ripping for those jerks’ fingertips and some later disease is fair enough.”

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