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You’ve noticed that a friendly, trustworthy, and perhaps devious Printer has been your staunch associate in so many tricks. A Printer can be your best friend, and having access to one or more totally trusted Printers is an absolute must for a trickster. There is an old axiom about the printing business that goes, “We don’t read the writing; we just set the type.” Don’t trust it. Instead, trust a friendly Printer you know. Often it is easy to find a Printer who thinks as you do. If not, your best bet is among large printshops in other cities. Although this is risky, many really don’t censor your jobs. But you’re better off to cultivate your own good offset Printer.

Unless your Printer is also a good graphic artist, don’t rely on him or her for such services as double printing, counterfeiting official documents, retouching, or sophisticated design work. That works calls for a person who has the specific skills and knowledge to handle it. I might add that those skills are not all that tough to pick up. Speaking from experience, a solid background in advertising and publications work will give you the specific knowledge and skills.

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